Iím a Dick

(written by Johnny Goudie and Richard Weiss)


If Iím the one who held you down

Whyíd you cry when I left town?

If Iím the source of all your pain

Please wonít you let me explain

That itís understood

My head is hard like wood

Ďcause Iím a dick


I called you up to make amends

Maybe we can still be friends

You donít wanna talk to me

Instant karmaís killing me

You say itís about time

Iím just getting mine

Ďcause Iím a dick

Yes Iím a dick


As you can see

Itís hard for me

To end this game

What a shame for you

It sucks to lose

Because you choose

To make me feel yeah

Like Iím a dick


If Iím the one who beat you up

Maybe youíre not strong enough

Iím sorry that I buried you

It seemed like something fun to do

I left you in a hole

Iíve always liked holes

Ďcause Iím a dick

Yes Iím a dick

I always get last lick

Baby Iím


Where you wanna be?

Happy without me

Ďcause Iím a dick