Bad Man


Liviní somewhere dark and insincere

Just in time to hear the people cheer

Iím gettiní drunk with my inner voices

Theyíre telliní me that I have run out of choices

So Iíll make it like I never came to take

A chance to leave disaster in my wake

Iíll let it go Ďtil the goiní gets absurd

Leave your mark, but never say a word

No no


Now you fake it like you mean it when you hurt

And you keep an extra heart inside your shirt

Because youíre the star of your own movie

To be fabulous, or not to be

So leave me to my mess and let me be

Because no one looks as good in it as me

Iíll keep my grin and my secret life of sin

Where the dream ends, the bad man begins

Yeah yeah yeah oh